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Little Fortunes Pregnancy Gift and Baby Shower Game

Little Fortunes Pregnancy Gift and Baby Shower Game

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Little Fortunes is an interactive table top game that uses historical folklore from around the globe to uncover or confirm if a future mama is to expect a little girl or boy! Are the game's predictions real? That's for you to decide!

The game features 13 pregnancy myths, reimagined as fun "tests" that a future mama can carry out with their family and friends. Instructions for each of the 13 tests are listed on individual activity panels. The front of each activity panel includes a stunning illustration; the back of each panel lists 4-5 easy-to-follow instructions on how to conduct the test; and the inside of the panel provides a timeline that traces the evolution of the pregnancy myth through history. Each test result indicates a boy or a girl, and the results are recorded on a keepsake card. After all tests are complete, players tally up the "boy" results vs "girl" results. Whichever sex is predicted most often is considered the final prediction.

Additional commonplace, household items (e.g. cups of water, spoon, key, etc.) needed to conduct all game actions are not included.

Game can accommodate up to 13 players.

Fun to play and test out the accuracy of the old wives' tales even if you already know if the baby is a boy or a girl.


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